Software services

AI based solutions

Dowtechie was started on the basis of creating AI based solutions. We create our own products based on AI for the HR industry. Due to the trend of building AI products, our clients had asked us to assist them in building exceptional solutions for their in-house use cases and we decided to assist them with our AI expertise. This further had led us to provide full-fledged AI solutions according to the needs of the business. Our AI solutions are created through the forms of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision Based to name a few.



Blockchain Technology is not just used to mine cryptocurrencies, that is one use case of the technology and it has vast amounts of uses that most are not well aware of. Cryptocurrencies started using blockchain to mine their currency and media coverage has made blockchain sound synonymous with cryptocurrencies. Blockchain can be used in other areas of technology such as: Digital IDs, Data sharing, Static data backup and also manage IoT networks. We can help develop software using blockchain technology depending on the requirements for your company.

Cloud and Data Analytics

The kind of software created by Dowtechie makes the necessity of having it included with cloud technology. This is to have the local storage of devices uninterrupted, to have seamless data backup and data transition allowing accessibility of the software in any location with internet. Data analytics is another key focus in Dowtechie as our solutions use data analytics throughout and do so to convert raw data provided to us in useful information for user’s decision-making purposes. Our extensive knowledge in cloud technology and data analytics has given us the opportunity to give external parties solutions that are accustomed to them specifically.


Mobile app solutions

Did you know 87% of smartphone users are spending their time on apps rather than surfing the web? Did you also know people spend at least three hours on average on their smartphone? Such stats are an eye opener for companies that have yet to develop their own apps to better serve their customers. We have created mobile apps for our own solutions, and we extend our service to other companies too. Apps can be created for both Android and iOS, we make use of mobile frameworks such as: Xamarin, React Native and Flutter if needed.