Professional Services

Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition for companies can be quite the task as it can be tedious for any company due to limited resources to find the right talent. To lessen their burden, we do talent acquisition on the client’s behalf. We recruit and manage talented candidates through the use of our own systems. Our specialization in IT has led us to discover great talented candidates in the field and present them to our clients..




Companies require staffing in various levels, some need temporary staff, and some need permanent staff. These companies need staffing with good, talented and efficient candidates. At Dowtechie, we make sure that companies do get according to their needs. Hence, our staffing is provided as a contract basis and permanent basis. Contract – staffing is done according to the contract which can be on a short-term basis as well as long term basis. Permanent – staffing can be done on a permanent basis in accordance to the client's needs. All of the candidates do go through a stringent process to ensure that they are of high standards in not just credentials but also work wise.

Intelligent Hiring

At Dowtechie, we use state of the art technology developed in-house to make sure that our catering of professional services to our clients is unbeaten. Hence our hiring is not only curated by our team, but also makes use of our in-house AI powered technology to assist and better serve in accordance to the needs and requirements.