HRIS is also known as the Human Resource Information System. There are several HRIS services available to the public. Our HRIS is different from the existing services. It is a totally cloud-based web app which requires no installation, no updates and no maintenance from the user. Simply log in to the web app and you can start using it right away! No fuss at all!

What we offer in our HRIS:

The features in our HRIS focus on three aspects; Core HR Management, Workforce Management and HR Strategic Management.

Personnel Management

Personnel Management provides you with an overall overview of the personnel in your firm. All the necessary employee information can be found here ranging from personal details, contact information, education and previous job profile.

Benefits Management

Benefits Management will assist HR executives to manage the benefits provided to the employees. These benefits range from annual & sick leave, Social Security and 401(k) plan. Other benefits can be added in accordance to the company’s offerings.


The Payroll management tracks employee salaries, overtime, allowances, commission, bonuses, 401(k) contributions and many others which are customizable to the company’s needs. After which, it calculates with holding taxes and generates pay-slips. It also integrates with Workforce Management to provide accurate payroll calculations

Workforce Management

Workforce Management

Workforce management traces workforce time spent through methods such as job scheduling, time and attendance tracking.

Time-Sheet Tracking

Through this feature, it simplifies employee’s attendance, working hours, paid time off and sick leave. Furthermore, employees can sign in and out through the app. Employees and HR may even generate reports to provide a full overview of the attendance for any discrepancies

Employee Scheduling

HR may use this to effortlessly create schedules for new employees, edit or delete schedules of their employees. This feature can be used across several departments, locations and projects. Any employee can check their schedule through the schedule overview to know whom they will be working with and where they will be working at.

HR Strategic Management

Applications and talent acquisition are done through HR Strategic Management. It provides a rundown of available applicants and also aid in employee career development.

Performance Management

Employees can track and review employees on their performance, goal management and work efficiency.

Applicant Tracking

Applicants are easily tracked based on the information and management of the application process. In Applicant Tracking, HR can seamless include job posting, schedule interviews, customize hiring workflows, manage resumes and score applicants. This feature is closely integrated with our portals (NeedyJobs & CareerAvatar).


Once applicants become newly hired, they also need to be kept on above some of the necessary administrative requirements for them to fill in such as: banking info, health info and tax info. Our onboarding feature helps you cover all that with a few clicks and a send button. Customized onboarding packages can be created by HR for different types of new-hires. The new hires can easily access it and input all the required information.


Some employees come across opportunities that cannot be missed and would like to leave their existing job to pursue them, it can be difficult for them to part away but that should not be difficult for HR to assist them in their exit. A proper exit package and testimonials are created for exiting employees to aid them in their next big move.


Compliance is necessary for HR to keep up. It ensures that their job is done rightly and does not cause trouble for the company legally. Hence compliance is built-in on most of the features in our HRIS and HR can do their work without worrying about complying. Be it Payroll, Time-Off or Documentation, our compliance tool takes care of it.

Privacy & Safety

Privacy is of utter importance to us and it is thoroughly thought of in our HRIS software and other services from us, we do not share your data with third parties and all of your data is secured 100%. DowTechie uses industry-standard encryption and security measures in handling your data. Live worry-free completely about your data in our system.