HRIS Mobile

HRIS should not only be available through the web but also be accessible through mobile, which is why we have also developed a mobile app that works in Android & iOS. The mobile app lets you access some of the important features while you’re away from the office or from your computer. The features cover a broad range of functionality from the web app. Some of the features are listed below.

Personnel Management

Personnel Management

While you’re away or need a quick glance, personnel management shows you an overview of all your personnel. You can still access the necessities such as contact details. This can be handy if you need to contact any of the personnel for any work purposes or to be updated if any new personnel has joined your firm while you’re unavailable


Employees need to be paid on-time whether you’re available or not. But of course, you're available in the app 24/7 and so through our payroll feature, you can have an instant look at the employees’ pay slip and check for any discrepancies or transaction errors. This not only provides you assurance of keeping tab on payroll but also makes your employees happy.

Applicant Tracking

Time-Sheet Tracking

Easily track your employees on their working hours, paid time off or leave from your phone. It provides an overview through a list form or through graph forms whichever you may desire for and presents employees time spent in the firm.

Applicant Tracking

Applicants are still applying to your job openings whether or not you’re there and so we included Applicant Tracking for you to keep a tab on the current job postings and new job postings. You can also schedule interviews and manage resumes. Applicant Tracking shows you information of the new applicants through Needyjobs & CareerAvatar

Company Calendar

Business does not stop just because you’re on leave or away for a while. That’s why, Company Calendar allows you to be on top of what the company is up to on a daily basis. Simply sync the company calendar to the app and there is a dedicated tab for calendar. You may view the events and it details the specifics such as what event it is, who is attending it, location of it, necessary meeting materials required and the duration of it. So, no matter where you are, what you’re up to, you know what is happening.