About Us


Dowtechie was founded and incorporated in Singapore. DowTechie has offices in India and the USA to better serve our clients. Dowtechie builds software that’s easy-to-use, affordable and problem solving for the human resource management & recruitment industry. Our expertise helps small and medium firms in deploying AI equipped HR Information System. Our focus has been to fill the gap of Personnel Recruitment and Management through innovation.

The team

In any company, a team is critically important towards building something revolutionary and to derive creative and innovative solutions. The team is well versed and has at least 2 decades worth of experience in HR, Finance and IT industries. They hold multiple industry vendor certifications in several disciplines. Through their course of their careers, the team has served in several technical and management roles with multiple companies and succeeded throughout their tenures from previous firms.


Our mission has been to offer AI based solutions and empower HR in automating processes by providing advanced technology to manage tasks such as payroll, leave management, overtime, attendance etc. We also have a huge emphasis on building a comprehensive recruitment portal to retain and attract the best talented candidates for companies. Furthermore, we want to also offer a predictive analysis of jobs & skill requirements. Finally, we want to develop greater transparency between managers, employees and employers to access information regarding employment & performance through available mediums.