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The Human Resource (HR) industry is one that has been revolutionized over the last couple of years. And HR is probably one of the busiest departments in any business regardless of the size with routines including endless administrative work such as as processing claims, leaves, payroll, keying in of data and the list goes on. Our solution is aim to handles all these task and help the busineses to save heaps of time and make them to focus on more important things such as growing the organization, developing the business and more.


What we Offer

Cloud based HRIS streamlines the hiring process from end-to-end and completes new hire paperwork all in one place, enabling the small and medium size businesses to recruit and source efficient candidates as well as technical professionals to apply for their desired roles.

HRIS Web App

It is completely web app cloud based. There is nothing to download, install, update or maintain.

HRIS Mobile App

Mobile Application with AI based virtual assistant offering analytical Dashboard and reports.

It is job portal helps recruiting companies & helps job seekers find the right job matches their aspirations.

It is a career building portal site for technical professionals (techies) to groom and grow.

People are the key to workplace excellence. To manage them a good system is required.


The Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS systems) is a fully integrated, intelligent solution


Core HR Management

Handles the critical components of human resources management functions: personnel management, benefits management and payroll.

Workforce Management

Manages and track completely the workforce deployment, including scheduling and time and attendance tracking functionality.

HR Strategic

Track applications and new appointment activities such as hiring, attracting, retaining and developing employees.


It is closely integrated with both the portals (needyjobs & careeravatar) as well as other systems in the organisation.

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