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The Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) is a fully integrated, intelligent solution web based deployed in cloud with AI capabilities and it comes into three main modules which covers 360 degree of HR activities.


HRIS - Web App

Core HR Management

The Core HR module handles the critical components of human resources management functions: personnel management, benefits management and payroll.


Personal Management

Cloud based employees database contain data such as personal details and banking details, contact information, education and experience details, job and salary history, and benefits and insurance plans.

Benefits Management

Manages employee benefits such as Salaries, Annual and Medical Leave paid time off, medical/dental/life insurance policies and 401(k) participation


Tracks employee salaries, overtime, allowances, bonuses, 401(k) contributions, health and other deductions; calculates withholding for taxes; and generates paychecks. It is integrated with workforce.

Workforce Management

Workforce Management module track your workforce, including scheduling and time and attendance tracking functionality..


Time Sheet Tracking

Tracks employee attendance, time spent, and enables employees to clock in and out. Also track paid time off and sick leave.

Employee Scheduling

Creates,tracks and manages employee schedules. Systems can schedule employees across departments, locations and projects.

HR Strategic Management

HR Strategic Management modules track applications and new appointment activities such as hiring, attracting, retaining and developing employees. It has all the components to do the applicant tracking and recruiting as well as performance review functionality


Performance Management

Cloud based systems where employers can conduct and track reviews with employees including performance measuring, tracking and goal management.

Applicant Tracking

Cloud based applicant information throughout the application process and manages the application process. Includes job posting, interview scheduling, customized hiring workflows, resume management and applicant scoring. It is closely integrated with both the portals (needyjobs & careeravatar).

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