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DowTechie has been established with a main objective of offering Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) for Small and Medium size Enterprises.


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Traditional business processes in industries are being disrupted with latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence(AI), Block Chain, Cloud computing, Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) and Mobile computing. This trend is placing new requirements and burdens on businesses in terms of being able to collect, manage and interpret information to support effective business decision-making. Dow Technologies and Systems (DowTechie) is dedicated to help the small and medium enterprises to build a stronger, new age, human resources information system (HRIS).


About Dowtechie

Incorporated and head quartered in Singapore, DowTechie has its offices in India and USA with a main objective of building advance intelligent software which is fast, secure, easy-to-use, affordable and problem solving for the human resource management & recruiting industry. DowTechie’s expertise helps small and medium enterprises in deployment of AI-enabled HR Information System. The focus lies in filling the critical gaps in Personnel Recruitment and Management Industry using latest innovative technologies.


Our Objectives is to offer AI based innovative solutions that empowers HR users to automate all transaction processes by providing them with cutting edge technology to manage HR processes like Payroll, Leave management, claims, timesheet, attendance and overtime amongst others. Building a holistic recruitment portal to retain, attract more talent for organizations and offering predictive analysis of the job market & skill requirements. Increasing the transparency in organisations and providing greater flexibility to managers by enabling employees and employers to access information pertaining to employment & performance status on their mobile devices from anywhere across the globe.

Management Team

In order for the company to be successful, DowTechie plans to fully leverage the experience and insight of its management team – Mr. Zackriah Hussain (Founder of the Company) and Mr. M Ugandhar (Chief Operating Officer). The team has over fifty cumulative years of experience in HR, Finance and Information Technology industry. They currently hold multiple technology industry vendor certifications in several disciplines. Over the course of their careers, the team has served in various technical and management roles with multiple companies and has been successful both in small & large organisational environments.

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